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Whats Your Price Review

What's Your Price is a platform where dating is all about finding fun and paying your dates a certain amount of money. This is a premier and rather high quality platform designed to those that are interested in sugar daddy dating without limits. It’s actually very fun and different, and it has the potential to take things to the next level in a creative way. The website is designed to help you find the right sugar date and then not have to worry about dealing with problems. It’s a no strings attached experience and you will certainly enjoy it.

Visiting What's Your Price for the first time is a really nice experience. It shows you that you can have a lot of fun browsing for a sugar date without worries. What a lot of people will like with What's Your Price is the fact that they have a great visual approach. The interface is nice, and you can access all kinds of features.

Signing up

When you visit What's Your Price, you can easily sign up free of charge. You can sign up to either be paid to date or to bid for first dates, that’s up to you. They require some basic information and then you can edit stuff later if you want. You will be asked about your gender and the purpose you have on the site. They do require you to confirm your email, and then you can add information about your body type, education, income, characteristics and so on. They keep things very professional and comprehensive, and overall there’s a lot of great information about the entire process. They keep things simple if you want, but you can go in-depth without a problem if that’s what you want.

Messaging other people

unlock a offer before you can contact each other

Messaging is the important part of any dating website, and this will not disappoint. What's Your Price does a very good job at allowing you to message other people. You can only share messages with people that unlocked the offer or which accepted you. It helps a lot, and it will certainly give you the type of results and value that you need all the time.

There’s also counterbidding, more members can play with the price point and see how much they are interested in a member. That’s great because you get a bit of a different approach and feel, and something like this can be very creative. You still need to figure out what works for you, but for the most part it will be a very good experience.

Obviously men that want to get paid for dates will have a hard time on the site. Women on the other hand will get paid quite well and there can be even a bidding war. At the end of the day, you have to realize that mostly women get paid here, but there are some men getting paid for dates too, which is important to take into consideration.

Design and usability

search page of whatsyourprice.com

What's Your Price is one of those websites that really care about the visuals and the overall quality. They know what you need to change and what can be adapted, and they do a very good job at keeping things simple and convenient. It’s nice to see that they don’t rush you, and for the most part the results themselves can be a lot of fun. It’s definitely worth it to visit the website, as you can create a great profile. You have to pay for complete access to other people’s profiles, but that is to be expected. They do want you to be to the point and you will find that for the most part that approach will be worth it.

We like the design quite a lot because it has all the info you need in a single place. It works great on mobile and desktop too, and they tend to be straightforward, which is something you will like quite a lot. You can easily access functions like search, favorites, bids and messages. It’s definitely designed to make things as simple as possible, without rushing you or requiring specific systems.


Is What's Your Price expensive? Just like many sugar dating websites, What's Your Price does have an interesting purchasing system. The idea here is that you have 100 credits for $50, 450 credits for $150 and 1000 credits for $250. The clear thing is that the more you pay, the more credits you get. However, you won’t need that many credits if you just want to use the website a few times. The good thing here is that they don’t require a monthly payment system. You get the credits and you can use them whenever you see fit. That alone can make a huge difference, and you will be quite happy with the way everything works.

payment page of whatsyourprice.com

  • 100 credit package for $50
  • 450 credit package for $150 (saving 33.3% off the regular price)
  • 1000 credit package for $250 (saving 50% off the regular price)

App and Mobile

Unfortunately, What's Your Price doesn’t have a mobile app. However, you can use the website on your phone, it’s full responsive and it gives all the features you need. It’s a great approach but it would be even better to have a mobile app for this.

Special features

Can you expect something very special on What's Your Price? They do have a nice interface and a lot of people, however, it’s not standing out that much. You do have the option to bid on dates and chat with others. But these are paid for, as you can see above.


Is What's Your Price worth your time? This is a great website to bid for dates and you will find that it works pretty well. It has a nice way to pay for any interaction, which means that you can purchase as many or as little credits as you want. It’s convenient and a lot of people will love it because it does deliver the things you want. So yes, you have to check that out and give it a try, as it’s well worth it. Of course, it’s all about bidding, so the overall experience is different. But it still works a lot better than you imagine!

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