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Secret Benefits Review

When you want to explore sugar dating experiences, you always need a website that’s simple, convenient and also good to use. With Secret Benefits you get pretty much all of that and so much more. The creativity is great and the quality itself is among some of the best on the market. Instead of going the challenging route, Secret Benefits makes the experience suave, interesting and virtually impressive while still retaining a sense of glamor that you do need in the world of sugar dating all the time.

Signing up

The signup process is actually very good for what it is. They do a nice job at making the experience seamless and convenient, and the quality itself is among some of the best. People love this one because it’s interesting, rewarding and it constantly pushes the boundaries to bring in that great sense of immersion. It’s not always going to be easy to achieve what you have in mind, but Secret Benefits certainly helps. You just have to share your email and create a username, share your age, location and body type or ethnicity. It’s nice to see that they don’t force you to add information that you don’t want, which is actually great. They are friendly and professional, with results that everyone will like all the time in a situation like this.

Profile quality

A sugar baby's profile on secretbenefits.com

When it comes to profiles, the visuals themselves are pretty interesting. The profiles are not exactly glamorous like most of the website is. Instead, you have a very interesting range of information you can find about the people here. We like the fact that they are not forcing you to share information in any way. You just choose what and how to share, which is actually really nice and exciting to see here.

We also like the fact that they are extremely professional and know exactly how to deliver that sense of value and quality in a rewarding manner. You’re always getting the right results and the outcome will shine every time, that’s for sure. However, they do have secret albums and other stuff that you will need to pay for. Unfortunately that kind of stuff is what will break the immersion for the most part. It’s still good to have lots of information there, if you want to share it. But if you want to keep the secret albums private, others have to pay for that.

Design and usability

Search page of secretbenefits.com

The way Secret Benefits looks is amazing. Unlike other websites here, they do a very good job at bringing you amazing visuals and quality. Which is great because you do expect something like this from such websites. That’s not going to always be like this, but for the most part you will certainly like what you receive and that’s the thing you will like the most. The attention to detail is among some of the best, and you will appreciate the way everything comes together. Of course there are challenges that can arise, but if you do that wisely, nothing will be impossible. Rest assured it will be totally worth the effort and you will certainly like the results.

One thing to note is that Secret Benefits doesn’t have a mobile app. That’s really a shame, we wish it would have one, however it seems they are in the process of building one, which is great to begin with. However, the fact that you can communicate online without a problem and the site is quite responsive does help a lot. Obviously you won’t have the ultimate experience but it totally works for what it is, and you will appreciate the results and the quality as a whole.


Instead of going with monthly prices, Secret Benefits is bringing you a credit system. If you want 100 credits it costs you $59, if you want 500 you pay $169 and if you want 1000 credits it costs you $289. Credits basically help you enjoy the experience and just have fun for a change. You can easily continue the conversation and buy more credits if you want to. It’s nice to see that they are not limiting you in any way and you can enjoy the experience the way you want. That’s really cool and it shows the great attitude behind the Secret Benefits creators.

payment page of secretbenefits.com

  • $59 for 100 credits ($0.59/credit)
  • $169 for 500 credits ($0.34/credit)
  • $289 for 1000 credits ($0.29/credit)

Customer support

We checked the Secret Benefits customer support to see if they are quick and they replied pretty fast to us. The fact that you have online chat and phone support is great. Based on our experience we would recommend the online chat, because it’s the fastest way to get in touch with their team. But they are offering you quite the quality and value, which in the end is what you need.

They also have full HTTPS support and the chats are encrypted. That means you never have to worry about what others can see, because they can’t really see anything. It certainly helps and you will be quite amazing with the way everything works.


Overall, Secret Benefits is a great website for those that want comprehensive sugar dating. It’s definitely a lot different than other sites. The design is great, and you’re not forced to share a lot of personal information. It actually makes a lot of sense to try it out and give it a shot, because you will like it and it’s unlike any other site like this. Just test it out for yourself and you will see that right away. Plus, it’s great to find sugar babies of all ages here!

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