Top 7 Sugar Daddy Cities in Australia

Mar 26, 2018 by

So you are in the awesome country of Australia, maybe a newbie in the country or even a native, but the important thing is that you need a sugar daddy or a sugar baby. You are definitely in the right country. The country boasts an enviable number of rich men. According to a recent report, the country is said to boast of about 961000 millionaires – that’s extraordinary given that the population of the whole country is just about 25 million. Which means there are about 4 millionaires in every 100 people. However, these vast number of millionaires are not evenly distributed across the country as some cities have much more than others. Well, you don’t have to worry as this article is going to give you the 7 best cities to find sugar daddies in Australia.

So if you want a sugar daddy in Australia, you may want to consider trying out the 7 cities below:


Brisbane: Located on the banks on the Brisbane river, this city is very popular and admired for its rich cultural heritage. This has made a choice destination for many Tourists visiting Australia, with some coming to explore its business prospects as it’s equally one of the country’s biggest business centers. Your chances of getting a sugar daddy in Brisbane are very high as a result.


Melbourne: If you find yourself in this city by any chance, you are fortunate. Melbourne is a city that’s generally regarded as the financial center of Australia – you know what that means. With the insane rate at which this city keeps growing, it only means there will be even more capable sugar daddies in there.


Sydney: When it comes to finding a sugar daddy or sugar baby in Australia, this city is arguably your best bet. The city is among the countries in the world with the highest number of millionaires’ inflows and is also home to the prestigious University of Sydney. With these, it means that it has an abundance of millionaires, and it also doesn’t lack in the number of potential sugar babies.


Perth: Though not yet on the same level with the likes of Sydney and Melbourne, Perth is a promising city as it’s been growing steadily and is surely one of the next big deals in Australia. Ranked as a world, it’s sure to attract a lot of millionaires who love to have fun. There’s surely going to be one capable sugar daddy waiting for you in Perth.


Adelaide: In 2011, the Property Council of Australia ranked this city as the most livable city in Australia. Adelaide is a very lively city as it has arguably the highest concentration of youths – little wonder it is regarded as the city of youths. Being the most livable, it has enough millionaires who want to enjoy their fortunes with pretty sugar babies.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast: This is one of the largest cities in Australia, and it is a popular vacation location among business persons in Australia. This means that there are always enough wealthy men in town. And since most of them go there for vacation in the first place, it means they would be willing to mingle.


Canberra: This is one city that doesn’t get half as much recognition as it deserves because most of its inhabitants are government officials. However, those who neglect this city are missing a lot as most of these government officials equally love to have fun. After a hectic weekday, they also want to unwind with young sugar babies. And while most are not as rich, some still have deep pockets.

There you have it, the 7 best cities for sugar daddies in Australia. Guess you now know what to do next.