Top 10 Sugar Daddy Websites & Apps in Australia

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Are you finding a sugar daddy or sugar baby in Australia? Sugar Daddy Website Australia are designed to help successful & attractive people in Australia looking for mutually beneficial relationships. There are too many sugar daddy sites / apps on the internet. How to know which one is the best for you? We have listed the best sugar daddy websites in Australia, including reviews, prices, features, etc. Whether you choose a straight sugar dating relationship, gay sugar daddy or sugar momma, there is always a website or App for you. Here are the top 10 sugar daddy websites in Australia.

#1 Sugar Daddy Meet

Sugar Daddy Meet is a straight sugar daddy dating site for generous male sugar daddies and attractive female sugar babies seeking secret mutual benefits. No gay sugar daddy. No Lesbian. It has been online for 14 years. There are more than 5.7 million members, most of them are from Australia, US, Canada, UK and other developed countries. Sugar Daddy Meet claims it only services the top 20 richest countries. This site has 4 unique features, “First Date Gift”, “Verified Members”, “Advanced Search”, “Easy-to-Use Apps”. It helps users to verify their photos for free, more than 50% of users have verified their photos or income. Sugar Daddy Meet has been working hard to make a sugar daddy website without scammers or fake users. You can join now to have a try...

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#2 Sugar Daddy is currently Australia's hottest sugar daddy site & app for generous sugar daddies and sugar babies for mutually beneficial relationships. The whole site looks gorgeous and features easy to use. Over 1000 new members join every day. You can always find thousands of online members around you. Most of them verified that their photos were real through short videos. So, don't worry about scammers. In addition to sugar daddies & sugar babies, sugar mommas and gay sugar babies can also find suitable matches on this site & app. Join now to start to enjoy the sugar lifestyle...

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#3 Secret Benefits

Secret Benefits is a high quality sugar daddy website focused on offering a private, stylish and fun dating experience. It has more than a million members ready to enter the sugar dating world and just have fun. Secret Benefits is also encouraging members to start an honest relationship. This means that members need to be honest with each other both online and offline, maybe you can find a true love here. The website is immersive, full of great ideas and it constantly pushes the boundaries to delivers great results and an amazing experience that you will enjoy. Simply put, if you want to get into sugar daddy dating, this can be one of the better options...

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#4 Whats Your Price

Whats Your Price is a distinctive sugar daddy website that helps sugar daddies & sugar babies to find the right date in the shortest time and in the simplest way. It was founded in 2010 and ranked among the top in the field of sugar daddy dating in a short time, mainly due to its unique online dating method. It replaces the way that members need to pay to truly contact each other by buying & selling members' first dates. By placing bids, this member will decide which bidder he / she ultimately chooses. The website claims that the average time for its members to find a suitable date is only 3 days. Are you ready to try it now...

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#5 Sugar Daddy For Me

Sugar Daddy For Me is a classic sugar daddy site. It was created in 2004, and it still maintains the design style of more than 10 years ago. This website aims to help different types of people find the most suitable matches, including sugar daddy, sugar baby, gay, sugar momma, and even people for extramarital. Sugar Daddy For Me has more than 4 million members at present, over 2,000 daily new members join it and thousands of users are online every day. If you still have no confidence in this site, it doesn't matter, it offers a 3-day free trial. Sign up for an account and try it...

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#6 Sugar Daddie

Created in 2002, Sugar Daddie has gathered more than 5 million members to their dating database and 1000+ new members joining daily. What’s the most important is they are like-minded and approve the same concept that live is to be lived and enjoyed. Sugar daddie focuses on matching wealthy men and beautiful women. Finding a compatible sugar daddy or sugar baby here is not a difficult thing. The globally mainstream media commented Sugar Daddies as one of the most mature sugar daddy dating site, such as CNN, FOX, the Sun, BBC, daily mail. After careful investigation, we rank sugar daddie as the 3rd sugar daddy dating site in Australia...

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#7 Established Men

Established Men is one of the most popular sugar daddy dating websites on the market right now. It helps connect successful men or generous men with young women, including college students, businessmen, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and others. It’s designed to offer a great sense of privacy while also making it easy to bring in more attention to the needs and requirements. The main focus is on offering the best results and value, while also keeping the process as comprehensive as possible. Sugar babies can access all features for free, but sugar daddies have to be upgraded to a premium membership to access paid features. It’s never easy to try and access the best results and value in sugar dating, but Established Men strives to do that and it works...

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#8 Sugar Elite

Just as the name shows, Sugar Elite has large dating database including wealthy, successful sugar daddies and high-quality sugar babies. Most of their members are from USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, UK, New Zealand, South Africa. It will be very easy for you to find partners in local. They aim on providing healthy sugar daddy relationship for both the sugar daddy and sugar baby. As a standard member, you can enjoy free features like create profile, upload images, search and browse other members, send flirt messages. You need to upgrade if you want to contact members privately...

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#9 Australian Sugar Daddy

Australian Sugar Daddy is a professional sugar daddy relationship arrangement site which is especially designed for sugar daddies and sugar babies in Australia. Launched in 2008, it has specialized in providing sugar daddy dating service for 12 years. It’s a sub-site of which is tailored to Australian sugar daddy and sugar baby dating. Relying on the resource of Sugar Daddy Meet, Australian Sugar Daddy has gathered a large database of quality members in Australia including doctors, lawyers, entrepreneur, professional personals. This is a high quality sugar daddy and sugar baby dating site which is worthwhile to try...

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#10 Sugar Babies

It can be seen from its domain name that is a typical sugar daddies & sugar babies dating website. Compared with other sugar daddy websites, established in 2018 is a young comprehensive sugar dating site. This site accepts all kinds of relationships on your terms, including open relationships, short-term dating, long-term dating, NSA, casual dating, etc. And whether you're looking for a gay sugar daddy, sugar momma, or lesbian, you can always find what you want here. Its users come from more than 140 countries around the world, including the United States, Australia, Canada, Greece, Philippines, and more. is completely free for all sugar babies, while sugar daddies pay a very cheap membership fee to successfully access all features...

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What Is a Sugar Daddy?

A rich sugar daddy

A sugar daddy is a wealthy older man willing to spend money and precious time pampering a younger beautiful woman in exchange for a happy time with her. Sugar daddies will cover all the costs of short-term sugar relationships and compensate their sugar babies in cash, gifts, etc. According to statistics, most sugar daddies are between the ages of 35 and 60. They are highly educated, cultivated, and have a stable source of income. Sugar daddies are basically successful people from all walks of life, such as entrepreneurs, business executives, doctors, lawyers, celebrities, athletes, and more.

What Is a Sugar Baby?

A sugar baby gets many gifts

A sugar baby is a young & attractive woman willing to go on date with a rich older man in exchange for financial or material support. They will enjoy all the luxury life brought by sugar daddies for free, such as traveling, staying in high-end hotels, dining in high-end restaurants, getting expensive gifts, and so on. According to statistics, the average age of sugar babies is around 20 years old. Most of them are college students, single moms, aspiring women, etc.

How the Sugar Rating Was Formed?

9 major factors that affect sugar daddy sites rating

The 10 sugar daddy websites are Australia's most frequently visited and most famous sugar daddy websites selected among the many sugar daddy websites. Their specific ranking is based on a combination of different factors. These factors mainly include the following:

  • Websites reviews. The editor took a close look at the reviews of these sugar daddy sites by other high-quality sites.
  • The total number of users of the website. The more users a sugar daddy website has, the higher the probability that users will find suitable matches, and the shorter the time it takes to find the matches.
  • The time the site was established. In general, the longer a website is online, the more total users the website will have and the higher its popularity will be.
  • User experience. The editor personally registered an account to experience all the websites, including website design, account registration, free features, premium features, search for matches, send/receive messages, and so on.
  • Site availability. Whether the website is used smoothly; whether the website can be opened using different devices; whether the design of the website is novel and easy to use.
  • How long does it take for a user to reply to a message. The editor will try to contact other users, then count the time it takes them to reply to the messages, and check the number of people who reply to the messages. The more people who reply to messages, the faster the reply, and the higher the ranking of such sugar daddy sites.
  • Prices. The costs vary from site to site.
  • Privacy protection.
  • Customer service. Whether the website has online support; whether the problems encountered by users can be replied and resolved quickly.

What’s Our Mission?

Our mission

When people want to find a sugar daddy or sugar baby to build a mutually beneficial relationship, looking for a like-minded person through the Internet is definitely the easiest and quickest way. But when people search for sugar daddy websites in Google, they will find all kinds of sugar daddy sites. People don't know which website is the best sugar daddy websites in Australia, which website is the best suitable for them? which sites are free? and many more. The editor has been working in the sugar dating niche for over 10 years and he knows all the famous sugar daddy dating sites in this industry. This website lists the top 10 sugar daddy websites in Australia to help all sugar daddies and sugar babies in Australia find suitable matches quickly and easily. Maybe you'll want to use sugar daddy apps. You won't find real sugar daddy apps on either the Apple store or Google Play.

Why Can't I Find the Corresponding Apps for These Sugar Daddy Websites in the App Store or Google Play?

sugar daddy dating apps prohibido

Due to policy reasons, all sugar daddy apps on the App Store platform have been removed in 2020, and all sugar daddy apps on the Google Play platform have also been removed in early 2022. After that, all sugar daddy apps can no longer be successfully listed on the two platforms. You can search for "sugar daddy" related keywords in the App Store or Google Play, and there will be no professional sugar daddy apps in the search results. You can find some luxury dating apps, millionaire dating apps, or elite dating apps, but they are not real sugar daddy apps. You don't have to worry about not being able to use sugar daddy apps or sites. You can still use your mobile phone to log in to the mobile version of the top 10 sugar daddy websites, which are mobile-friendly sites. They are also very easy to use.

How Much Does Sugar Daddy Websites Cost?

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Different sugar daddy websites have different costs. More expensive websites have reasons why they are so expensive, such as they have more users and easier to find matches; cheap websites have reasons why they are cheaper, such as their users aren’t active, no one replies to the messages you sent, many fake profiles, etc. There is no uniform standard for website costs.

Generally, sugar daddy websites are divided into two categories of websites. One is a membership-based website; the other is a credits-based website, where you need to purchase credits to unlock premium features. Membership-based sites generally range from $30 to $60 per month. The price of each credit on the credits-based website is about $0.5, and the average monthly cost of sugar daddies is about $100. Usually, you need to spend at least 10 credits to unlock the "messages" feature with someone you are interested in. So, if you are connecting with a lot of people, the cost of choosing a credits-based type of website will be very high. The advantage is that "credits" have no time limit, and once you purchase them, they will never expire. There are unused "credits" that you can use at any time later. And choosing membership-based sites will allow you to send unlimited messages and winks, and you can contact other users unlimitedly. The downside is that you only get unlimited access to all the features of these sites for a limited time. So, you can choose the right sugar daddy website according to your needs.

Where Can I Find a Sugar Daddy for Free?

find a sugar daddy for free

The 10 sugar daddy websites are 100% free to register for all users. Some of these websites require sugar babies to pay for access to the premium features of these sites. Most of the websites are completely free for sugar babies. They have access to all the features of these sites. You can check the reviews of sugar daddy websites to know more.

Are Sugar Daddy Websites Safe?

A scammer is stealing money from a shocked woman

Yes, they are.

Many sugar daddies and sugar babies worry that their photos or personal information will be leaked. You are overthinking. You can upload your own photos to a private album, and other users who want to view your photos need your permission to view them. Moreover, you can also set to hide your profile. In this way, others can't see your profile, but you can see or contact others. In fact, sugar daddy websites will never leak user information to any third party.

To keep your account safe, you need to create a strong password.

Some sugar daddies and sugar babies worry about being scammed by scammers. As long as you choose the right sugar daddy websites and strictly follow some of their safety rules, you are safe. In fact, all dating sites are facing the harassment of scammers, and sugar daddy websites have also taken many measures. You can find a lot of tips to prevent being scammed by scammers in sugar dating tips; when you and other users mention money in the chat room, the system will pop up a warning to be deceived; you can also report the users you think suspicious, and support will immediately investigate and deal with it, and many more. Therefore, you have to believe that sugar daddy websites have the responsibility and ability to protect their users.

In fact, to prevent scammers, you only need to do the following:

  • Do not tell other users your credit card number to prevent others from stealing your money.
  • Don't tell other users your full address to avoid being harassed.
  • Don't give other users money before meeting offline. No money to refuel the car; no money to buy a plane ticket; no money to eat, etc. All such reasons are false.
  • Do not send explicit photos to other users to avoid extortion.

Are Sugar Daddy Websites Legit?

legit sugar daddy website

Sugar daddy websites have been around for over 20 years since the first real sugar daddy website was born in 2002. Most of the best sugar daddy websites are more than 10 years old. So, sugar daddy websites are absolutely legit.

Sugar relationships are also absolutely legal. The relationship between sugar daddies and sugar babies isn’t just a simple sex transaction, sex is just an act in a sugar relationship, and many sugar relationships don't even have sex. Sugar daddies and sugar babies will establish a short-term or long-term relationship through friendly negotiation. During this period, sugar daddies will bear all the expenses, including dining in high-end restaurants, traveling all around the world, or staying in high-end hotels and so on. Sugar daddies don’t pay for sex, they pay for companionship, emotions, and the time they spend with a sugar baby. So, it's a normal dating relationship between sugar daddies and sugar babies.

Sugar daddy websites never promote sex work and prohibit sex workers from entering. So yes, they are legal.

Alex Brooks


Alex Brooks has been working in the sugar dating field since 2009. From marketing and customer service at the very beginning to now being solely responsible for managing a sugar dating app, he is a true expert in sugar dating niche. The main purpose of Alex creating is to provide help and reference for all like-minded sugar daddies and sugar babies in Australia to quickly find a suitable match.