Are There Real Free Sugar Daddy Websites Online?

May 31, 2018 by

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As a sugar baby, it is our dream to find a generous and wealthy sugar daddy to help us overcome financial crunch and give us a decent life style and finer things. However, since sugar babies are usually college students or ambitious ladies who’re struggling in the early stage of their life. Is there any possible way to offer them premium membership without paying a penny to attract more sugar babies to join sugar daddy sites? Are there any real free sugar daddy websites online?

After investigating carefully, we find that there exist some free sugar daddy sites online indeed. The one who is free for both wealthy sugar daddies and gorgeous sugar babies--- They offer one-week free gold membership which enable members to access all site features without limitation. After that, you only need to pay $5 in order to continue being a premium member. Frankly, you can’t expect more on a site whose membership fee is only $5, right? The first impression of is not attractive. The layout is not neat and too many words description. Also, the site features are unreasonably distributed. There are many scammers. The more important is that most of the users on this site are from America. People in other countries might feel it be difficult to find their partners in local. However, it’s a sugar daddy dating site after all. You can join this site at first to compare it with other same kinds of site if you have never joined any sugar daddy dating site before.

And there is good news for sugar babies. Some sites offer free premium membership for sugar babies.

Like -- It’s a high-quality sugar daddy seeking site. CNN, New York Times and many other main stream media commented seeking arrangement as the globally best network for sugar daddy and sugar baby mutually beneficial relationship. New York Times even commented seeking arrangement “the place where most sugar daddies gathering”. Each profile on this site is genuine. The quantity of diamond sugar daddies (especially the Fortune 400 billionaires) are more than other online dating site. The first impression of this site is very good due to its exquisite and simple design. However, only college students who are over 18 can use all features of this website after they verified their .edu email address. And the site's membership fee for sugar daddies or sugar mommas is the highest of all sugar daddy dating sites and is three times the membership fee of -- The layout of this site is extremely simple. It’s free for girls to use all premium features, but Established Men have to pay to connect young women. This website's membership fee for Established Men is second only to the membership fee of It’s not a right platform for people who are seeking a life-time partner. However, it’s definitely the right place for sugar babies who’s seeking a benefactor for fulling their life needs. The relationship here doesn’t require commitment. But, most members of this site are from US.

In short, through these examples, you will find that there will be no free meal. Those high-quality websites are usually requiring charges. When some websites are free for sugar babies, these websites have to charge the sugar daddies a higher fee. Otherwise, there is no way for this website to run. They need money to hire people to manage and maintain the site. There indeed exists some site which is free but there’s no people maintaining and managing them. so lots of scammers exist on this site. Just like a community without people managing it, full of thieves and rubbish. Are you dare to live in it?