How to Ask Your Sugar Daddy For Allowance?

Aug 17, 2018 by

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The one important thing that every sugar baby should understand is that sugar daddies are always and ever willing to spend for them especially if they have peace as a result of your conduct whenever they are around you. Sugar daddies will do anything for you if you make them feel right with you. The last thing a sugar daddy will want to take back from a sugar baby is steady allowance. But as a sugar baby, it is important to know how to go about it. Don't forget that Incessant request for money can be a turn off.

Most sugar babies find it hard to ask for money especially when they are in need. You don't have to worry about that because you are not the first.

It is essential as a sugar baby not to try figure out if you have a potential that can make your sugar daddy spend on you, don't try to do it. If you do, you can become too greedy and that will scare off your sugar daddy.


If your relationship with your sugar daddy is not all about money and you are not so demanding, if anytime comes that you are in need, it will be easy for you to ask gracefully and your sugar daddy will take it serious and supply your need.

If you are a considerate lady and you place a great value on your relationship, you will find some ways to breeze through the allowance subject which will make you and your sugar daddy feel comfortable.

Nothing can be compared with love if you have it with your sugar daddy, don't quench it with request for money. If you have a sugar daddy who loves you, he will make money available to you and if you must ask, don't make it so obvious that it's all you care about. Your worth is greater than all the money in the world, don't try to reduce it for a change you'll soon finish spending.

Never, ever equate your allowance with your self-worth.


If by any chance you're in need and he didn't realize it, be confident to tell him in a tune of love without beating around the bush. After all, you are not all about the money, you have to make that intention known, not by words but by your action. Don't be crafty when asking, make sure you know all that you need before asking, so you won't sound unsure.

It is also essential that you don't ask for ridiculous amounts that you can't spend, that's why you must have estimated all of your needs before asking for the money. If by chance he asked what you want to use the money for, it will be easy for you to say it. Through this your sugar daddy will keep his trust in you.


Some sugar daddies are so busy and they love to have a sugar date who will make their lives less miserable and keep their company anywhere they go. As a sugar baby, you must act your role perfectly and do it passionately.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a sugar Daddy who is always willing to show that he cares about you, do your best to be a good Baby in return. Don't act strange, whatever time he has for you, appreciate it very much. You will be doing yourself a great favor if you can spoil him back! That's what he needs.

Before you can be able to deserve all the money from your sugar daddy, ensure to have a good bond with him. A genuine connection is key to a lasting Sugar Relationship. Through this, the sugar daddy will spoil you with money as much as you supply him with things he might be lacking, love, attention and comfortability.


At times the sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship always have boundaries, but as a sugar baby, you'll be at a great advantage if you can gently try to break the boundary. By showing complete interest in his well-being and sustainability or elevation of his status. This will open the door way to a flood of money for you. If you have achieved this feat, you can tease your sugar daddy. If your sugar daddy loves sports car, try and get to know a bit more about sports car and tease him. Follow this example; "Darling, have you seen the new vehicle made by Lamborghini, the competition is so fierce between them and Ferrari. Perhaps you and I should get into a competition too. I'm sure I'll beat you in a race if you drive in a Ferrari and I in a Lamborghini".

It seems as a tease, but he will imagine it and laugh. Of course it will be sweet that you two race in sports car and who knows, he might decide to buy a Lamborghini for you. But that shouldn't be your sole aim. Remember that winning him over is more essential than every other thing, if you win him over completely, then you'll have all that you need.