About Us

About Us

Why Create This Site?

Now, life of Australians is getting better and better. In order to meet their own special needs, some people will choose a mutually beneficial relationship, some young women want to live a luxury lifestyle; some students want to pay their tuition or loans; or single mothers seeking financial support, etc. Successful men are looking for beautiful women to spoil as a princess but sugar babies have to accompany them in return. In fact, most of sugar daddies are successful men, including doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, financiers, Celebrities, etc. They are very busy, busy on their work or their own company, they don't have much time to seek their own ideal matches. Moreover, both sugar daddies and sugar babies want to protect their privacy so they are looking for a discreet connection. So, millions of people just like them join sugar daddy websites. Sugar daddy websites can help you find a suitable match quickly and safely. They avoid the embarrassment of having nothing to talk to strangers face to face, and also avoid leaking your privacy.

In fact, the network is full of many sugar daddy sites, but our users don't know which website is good and which website is completely a waste of your time. Some sites have very few users, and there are a lot of scammers and fake profiles. SugarDaddyWebsiteAustralia.com will kick out those bad sites, and recommend the best sugar daddy sites to our users. Editor compares many sugar daddy dating sites, and lists the top 5 sugar daddy sites in Australia, including its features, prices, and reviews, etc. SugarDaddyWebsiteAustralia.com can help you quickly find the best sugar daddy website for you.

How You Will Benefit from This Site?

  • Learn about the latest top 5 sugar daddy sites in Australia through honest, fair, and objective reviews. (Editor believes that recommend too many sugar daddy sites will make it harder for users to choose.)
  • See how the best sugar daddy sites work, including features, membership fees, their advantages and disadvantages, etc.
  • Compare the top 5 sugar daddy sites and pick the website that is the most suitable for you.
  • Improve your dating experience by studying blogs on our site.
  • If you encounter any related problems, please contact us directly. We’ll be happy to help you.

How Do We Rank the Top 5 Sugar Daddy Sites?

In order to recommend the best sugar daddy sites to our users, Editor has registered more than 100 accounts and has carefully experienced and compared more than 100 websites. In the end, editor determines which sites are among our top 5 based on the following 7 main factors.

ranking factors lists

Ranking: For the ranking of the best sugar daddy websites in Australia, please check on alexa.com.

Chance of getting a date: the more the users, the larger proportion of active users is on a sugar daddy website, then you will get the more chances of getting a date. Instead, the chance of getting a date is less.

Protect privacy: All of our users want sugar daddy websites to protect their privacy. Therefore, the protection of privacy is an important reference factor. Editor will seriously investigate whether this website will reveal the user's personal information to any third party, including the user's ID number, photos, emails, etc.

Features: Usually, almost all of the sugar daddy dating sites have the following common features, search for matches in local, send / receive messages, view others’ profiles, upload photos, etc. These are not the focus of the editor. Editor mainly investigate whether these dating sites have unique features, such as private photos (which allows users to upload private photos, other users need permission from this user to see these photos.), chat room, send/receive gifts, etc.

Customer service: Editor will test whether sugar daddy websites’ support will reply user’s feedback in time, whether this site supports 24/7 customer services, such as free phone contact, live support along with email support. Some sites don’t support refund service. You should see it clearly.

Easy-to-use: If a newcomer can find their ideal matches in the shortest time on this website, there is no doubt that this website is easy to use. Editor believes that the following factors can be used as the main reference: whether this site is mobile friendly; whether this site has iOS app & Android app; whether the design of this site is beautiful and reasonable; whether the features of this site are simple, and so on.

Value for money: This is the most important factor in our website rankings. Value for money = (chance of getting a date + Features + Ranking + customer service + easy-to-use + protect privacy) / membership fees. If this number is higher, the website will rank higher on our website. A completely free website will be visited separately.

What’s the difference between our ranking and Google’s ranking?

As we all know, Google’s ranking has been manipulated by a set of algorithms written by Google engineers. We all know that Google's algorithm is very complicated. Google's algorithm mainly determines the ranking of a website by these factors: the backlinks of the website, the daily or monthly user's page views, the quality and relevance of the website's content, and so on. With the unremitting efforts of Google's generations of engineers, this algorithm is getting better and better, and more and more perfect, but it is only artificial intelligence, and can’t really replace humans. It has no feelings and no real user experience. And our ranking is mainly based on the criteria we have set up to manually review the website. To put it simply, Google's ranking is controlled by the program, and our ranking is determined by the users themselves.

The top sugar daddy sites don’t work for me.

Many of the sugar daddies or sugar babies can't find a suitable match on a sugar daddy website. It is normal. A sugar daddy site can't be suitable for everyone, which is why we recommend you find the one that works best for you. Every sugar daddy or sugar baby has their own standards in their hearts when they are looking for the matches they want. If you want to successfully find perfect matches through the sugar daddy dating sites, you have to follow these established criteria you had set. We are not going to mislead you, we just recommend that most users feel good sites for you. We welcome you to recommend a new website to us.

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