Australian Will Not Only Care How You Look or Whether You Are Rich or Not. The Most Important Thing Is Sense of Humor.

Apr 03, 2020 by

According to the report of on 16th, although it’s a public consensus that this is a time when people only care how you look or whether you are rich or not. However, according to the latest investigation published by (a sugar daddy dating site), while picking up the dating partner, sense of humor comes firstly, money and wealth comes the second position, while the third position is appearance and figure.

The percentage of 9 factors most australians care about when dating

After researching 3,400 sugar daddies and sugar babies, the survey found that 23% value sense of humor most, only 20% of the respondents care money and wealth most, 15% of the respondents value appearance mostly, 14% of the respondents value sexual attraction mostly.

The fifth place is the intelligence of the date, 9% of sugar daddies and sugar babies are very concerned about this, and social and networking (8%), courtesy (7%) and personal style (4%) are also on the list.

Psychologist and gender relationship expert Steven Nicon said that findings confirm the importance of sense of humor in dating, he said “We found that sense of humor, wealth and appearance can determine (a person's) initial appeal. During an appointment, they will have the opportunity to test for sexual attraction, understand each other, and determine if the subject meets their criteria and can continue to be contacted."

The appeal of different factors for sugar daddiees and sugar babies

Generally speaking, 34% of the sugar babies care sense of humor for most, while only 27% of sugar daddies care about sense of humor. 30% of the sugar babies care wealth, while 0.1% of the sugar daddies care wealth. Although it did not exceed the proportion of people who care about sense of humor or wealth, as many as 22% of sugar daddies care about the appearance of the date, and only 10% of sugar babies care about this.

Although sense of humor was the most important factor for sugar daddies and sugar babies in the survey, Steven Nicon also warned people not to ignore other factors, he said,” for most people, they hope their dating partner meet their standard on wealth, talking, courtesy and social skills. These 4 basic factors are far more important than height, weight, personal hygiene, whether smoking, body shape, and fashion.

In 2020, the website also investigated the dating of sugar daddies and sugar babies. It was found that the biggest reason that sugar babies could not find a date is due to the lack of sugar daddies near the place of residence and limited opportunities. For sugar daddies, when encountering dating. The biggest challenge is fear of being rejected.